Who We Are

Leadership Through Sports, Inc. (LTS) and Choice Not Chance Determines Our Destiny, Inc. (CNC) are two non-profit organizations that joined forces in 2009 on the common ground of sports-based youth development. This partnership brings together over 100 years of combined experience in coaching, education, youth development, youth sports, and college preparation.

Our Mission

Drills conditioning instruction practice competition reflection goal setting reading writing critical thinking self exploration academic planning college preparation and guidance trips guest speakers health fitness and nutrition college recruiting recreation first time experiences positive interactions high expectations meaningful aspirations recognition community service collective work and responsibility teamwork attitude energy achievement.

Philosophy:  Sports-Based Youth Development

Sports-based youth development (SBYD) is a methodology that uses sports to provide the supports and opportunities youth need to be healthy contributing citizens now and as adults.

A  sports-based youth development program offers youth an experience in which youth learn and master sports skills along with life and leadership skills in a safe, fun, supportive, and challenging environment.

Our Approach

  • Drills, skills and instruction
  • Practice and strategy
  • Competition
  • Team Building
  • Academic Monitoring
  • Literacy Enrichment
  • College Guidance and Preparation
  • College Admissions and Recruiting Assistance
  • Community Involvement

LTS  Results

  • Reached over 300 youth in 2011.
  • 75% retention rate.
  • 90% say that the program has helped them improve their skills.
  • 80% say that the program has helped increase their motivation in school.
  • 93% of seniors graduated on time.


LTS Board of Directors

Staten Island Foundation

Northfield Bank Foundation

Fusion Storm

NYC Council Member Debi Rose

Individual Donors

If you are interested in ENROLLING YOUR CHILD IN OUR PROGRAM, please download and complete the Participant Application and Consent Form and contact us by email.

If you are interested VOLUNTEERING AS A COACH, MENTOR, OR SPEAKER, please download the Volunteer Interest Application and contact us by email.

If you are interested in JOINING THE LTS BOARD OF DIRECTORS, please download and review the Board Recruitment Prospectus and complete the contact form below.

If you would like to INQUIRE ABOUT SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES, or FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact us by email.

Contact Us

David McGoy, Executive Director of LTS

Phone: 646-257-9382



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